Why do amateur couples do porn?

It's pretty hot to film yourself. And it's nice to think that other amateur couples watch and even cum on your sex tapes. We make amateur porn because it's fun to make and horny to watch. Some amateur couples make the movie, laugh at it when they watch it, and delete it right after. Others, however, give it fun and excitement to show it to other sexy amateur couples. Watching porn and the thrill of it go hand in hand. The thought and idea of ​​filming household porn as a recording is exciting to introduce. Nowadays most people always have a camera with them and can film spontaneously and therefore also amateur porn.

What people make amateur porn?

Ordinary people, you couldn't point them out on the street. Their motives are incredibly diverse. Some make amateur porn for the same reason they make vacation videos. Looking back is satisfying. Find others it's exciting to film and then have the video lying around. Knowing that other people will see it later. Others amateur couples use the sex tapes on sex and dating platforms.

Is amateur porn representative?

Certainly, because people quickly forget the camera, especially when they have sex at home and with their partner. Of course, sometimes amateur couples make porn that they normally wouldn't. Like anal videos or deepthroat blowjob videos. There are plenty of examples of these amateur videos not going quite the way they should. You know that "accidentally punch in the wrong hole". But you can tell quite easily when people are acting and when not. especially when the video is intended to be made public, there is more acting. But with all those other real amateur porn videos you just see how the couples are attuned to each other. They know what they like to find and what turns them on.

What's so interesting about homemade sex tapes?

If your amateur couple asks what exactly they do during sex, a lot of them just can't tell you. It's hard for them to put into words what your body does during sex. People's sex tapes are good stuff because they're not made for researchers. It shows sexuality in a closed safe environment.

History of amateur porn.

Amateur pornography started to increase rapidly in the 1980s. The first affordable video cameras appeared on the market. So people started taking up their sex life. These home movies were often shared by men. I'll show you my naked wife and I'll see yours. There were whole mailing lists of amateur couples willing to share their skills. Video store owners have often been a linchpin in this amateur porn barter. Research has shown that a large part of their turnover was generated by the rental of real amateur sex tapes. So this resulted in the adult amateur porn category. As a result, several people became real porn actors.

Pov-style amateur porn.

Pov stands for point of view. In short, one of the partners is holding the camera while the other is being filmed during sexual acts. Think, for example, of amateur blowjob videos. You often see the woman with the cock of her guy in her mouth while she sucks him. She often looks up straight into the camera. The same applies the other way around. The man lies between her thighs with his mouth and tongue buried in her wet cunt as he licks her. The woman is filming then it in the pov style. This form of amateur porn was very popular because it showed the real atmosphere of couples. Nowadays many professional videos are filmed in this way to imitate this.

A story from our visitors.

When we first searched for amateur porn on the internet, we came across the site amateur-couples.com. It was a horny night and we were just looking for some porn to watch while we had sex. We watched a horny amateur couple sitting on the couch together. The man was fingering the woman and the woman pulled the stiff off her guy. I suddenly started laughing out loud and told my wife that we were doing the same thing. As a joke, I said maybe those 2 horny guys are looking at us now. My wife was shocked and asked if I had secretly filmed us. Luckily I was able to deny that because you only make amateur porn if both people agree. But the night was still long and I kept repeating it. It had been so horny to watch that couple having sex. Finally, our home video camera was next to the TV and we made our first super horny amateur porn video. My wife has never sucked me so passionately as she did then. We also did the reverse cowgirl position for the very first time. She thought it was wrong beforehand Probably because she couldn't look into my eyes. But now she always wants to film the reverse cowgirl position because she finds it horny to watch her slide down my hard cock. I say start filming and get a lot of new sex ideas.